Comic 1 - Crash Blossom: Monorail 1

22nd Sep 2012, 10:00 AM in Crash Blossom: Monorail
Crash Blossom: Monorail 1
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spazquest 22nd Sep 2012, 10:00 AM edit delete
Whew! I reached a personal milestone today when "Crash Blossom: Monorail" was released at Jet City Comic Show in Seattle. It's my first story, which I wrote, storyboarded, illustrated, and folded by hand at Kinko's Fedex Office at 10pm the night before.

Last September, I joined SICAGA, a local comic/game creators' meetup, to connect with other artists and get some traction in starting my own webcomic. SICAGA is really welcoming, even for beginners, and it's worked out well. So when we decided to do an anthology for Jet City, I decided to create a story for the book. They even provided a seed for the story (pun intended):
One perfectly normal day in Seattle, a meteor crashes to earth. It hits in the middle of West Lake Park, near 4th and Pine. There's a little smoke and sidewalk damage, but no injuries other than a bunch of startled by-standards, who watch as before their eyes an enormous 10' alien flower sprouts, grows and blooms, and - apart from everyone's reactions - does nothing else... that we know of!

Over the course of the next several months, I wrote and rewrote, drew and redrew, experimented a lot with inking techniques, banged my head, and drove my girlfriend up the wall describing every single tweak to her over the phone. My illustration skills were quite rudimentary, so it took about 200 hours in total to complete the four-page story presented here.

I have wanted to do comics ever since I was in kindergarten, and to finally do something is just amazing.

Special thanks to Jeremy Kayes of SICAGA, and to my girlfriend Janiene, for her feedback and moral support.

Dedicated to Grandma Jane. I wish she could have seen this.


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