Comic 4 - Crash Blossom: Monorail 4

22nd Sep 2012, 10:03 AM in Crash Blossom: Monorail
Crash Blossom: Monorail 4
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spazquest 22nd Sep 2012, 10:03 AM edit delete
Now that all that off-the-wall nonsense about escaping from the monorail has been dealt with, we can finally get to the point: are we humans "aware enough"?

Ultimately, this "Crash Blossom" story is a vehicle for two characters who are still under development. By debuting them in a fantasy, I got to see them in action and tinker with their backstories without having to figure out details from their own "reality" like where they work, how long they've been together, etc. As Alex points out, if things don't add up, we can just pretend none of it ever happened. ("Giant flowers from outer space? Preposterous!")


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